( first came love, then came marriage, then came the baby in the baby carriage )

( it all began with a really long chat on these wooden steps in San Francisco ........ )
( we happily tied the knot on the twenty-fifth of June, two thousand and five )
( we welcomed our sweet baby boy, Graeme Clarke on the eleventh of September, two thousand and nine )

i am overwhelmed at God's goodness to me.
today i celebrate five years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Steve......
it's just gets better and better!

i love how you called me 'miss mincy' when you first asked for my phone number........
i love how, on our wedding day, you sang 'i wanna grow old with you' to me in front of everyone.......
and i love how we still race each other to g-baby's room when he wakes up to see who gets to hold our boy first...........

happy five to my sweetest earthly gift.......


  1. sooooooooooooo sweet! Great story!

  2. Happy Day Friends - thanks for always being an example of Christ and His Church through your marriage. Can't wait to see you!

  3. Awwww! Happy Anniversary! Sweet pictures! :) :)

  4. happy day to you both! Happy, happy five!

  5. woo hoo! happy, happy day! i know you will enjoy! :)

    love the wedding picture......so, so pretty...and such great memories!

    ...and the photo of g....is always appreciated and loved!


  6. Stephen Branine6:12 AM

    Praise the Lord for those wooden steps! Maybe we should see if we can't buy them. I love you, and I can't wait to come home to you every night. See you soon.


  7. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! You were a beautiful bride, and it was a beautiful wedding!

  8. What a sweet family -- Sarah, you were a gorgeous bride! So glad God brought Stephen into your life!

  9. wow...5 yrs already. So happy for you both...you continue to be my example of what I hope to have someday. Love ya both!!

  10. Happy anniversary you two :-).

  11. maybe I'm just emotional, but all of these sweet comments made me teary! ;-) thanks for the wishes!

  12. Sorry I'm a day late - I hope you guys are planning something special for your anniversary. I can't believe how beautiful the colors are in your wedding picture!
    Happiest Anniversary wishes!

  13. justin, jake and jenna's mom8:43 PM

    I'm late too!! But happy anniversary from me as well :) Hope you had a great day~

  14. oh, happy anniversary!

    first came love....
    then came marriage.....
    then came the baby......
    and a shop named cranny!

  15. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Congratulations!It's amazing everything that can happen in five years! You looked beautiful on your wedding day! You have a gorgeous family! Elizabeth Vargas


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