friday favorite

this sweater,

and this sweater,

and this nail polish

seriously, I am not sure what my wardrobe and tosies would do without these three items.
they are favorites for sure......
{let's just hope my love for these items doesn't land me in the situation of this story, hee-hee}
and, seriously, friends, I love you so much,
that I hunted down the h&m sweater on a Swedish website,
guessed luckily at which word meant sweater, and voila, here it is!

i am always chilly, even in the spring and summer,
and i cannot say how much i love and have used these sweaters...........

and the nail polish,
it's like the perfect mix of gold and silver,
but it's actually called bronze beauty, go figure!

happy spring and soon-to-be summer!


  1. I love BOTH of those sweaters, but especially the first one. I may just have to check out those sites. Thanks for sharing. = )

  2. thanks for your lovely words on my blog :)

    i am totally swooning over that sweater! the little shoulders!! ahh!! love it!

  3. I'm just thinking about how hot it was here today...I would have died in a sweater :) Glad you are enjoying them though - they are very cute!!!

  4. going to get that polish.
    for my toes.
    because, like you, I too only wear color on my tosies.

  5. they're good ones, pals;-)


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