i think this is the best invention for a coffee table. Ever.

read here for all of the details on this absolutely-tootly great coffee table......
ah, to be rid of junk paper immediately--and in a fun way!
can you imagine?
our kids would be begging for the job of shredding the daily junk papers, *wink wink.


  1. I love this idea because I have been overrun with paperwork lately - I can never catch up! This looks great!

  2. oooh that would be great! Especially because after all these years, I still have to rip up everything by hand. When am I ever gunna get a shredder?

  3. um, this device, although highly entertaining, would need a lock in our household. i'm imagining all sorts of important papers and books being snatched within reach by little hands in order to make some shreds... ;)

  4. Very clver -- and ergonimical, too -- no noise!

  5. That is adorable!!!! Although I would be very very scared! What happened to my grocery list? My money, my important papers?!?!?


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