if a picture says a thousand words..........


then these ten photographs must tell you a ton about our father's day..........
it was perfect........
except for when Graeme got scared by the loud clapping and hollering......
the seventh inning stretch wasn't so fun for g-baby.........
big boo.
( see video for proof )
it's our tradition to try and hit up a baseball game each Father's day........
third year, running strong!
the first picture is monday medicine for sure!
oh, and that first picture gives you a pretty great idea how great a daddy Graeme has;-)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day - the first picture is wonderful. ox

  2. these pictures are awesome! love them...

    ...so glad it was a great day!


  3. You got a couple of cuties there--love the sneaker picture too!!

  4. Looks like a super fun day! Love Graeme's outfit. . .Jordan has one that is very similar!

  5. ohhhhhhh, what a sad face! in a few months he'll be clapping & dancing like graham. :)
    love all the pics!

  6. thanks friends! Kelly--i hope so! ;-)

  7. I KNOW he was only sad because the game was almost over :)

  8. Hi Sara! I was just wondering--what Photoshop do you use? I love the effects you've been doing lately and I am looking to buy a new program--I have 2.0 from about 8 years ago!

  9. hi Stephanie!
    my favorite editing tool is the "cross process" feature on the "create" tab in picnik.....

    it's not a advanced feature on picnik, so it is completely free;-) hope that helps!


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