monday medicine in question

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ah, we thought for sure our bath-loving boy would eat up the pool.
it was supposed to be the heated pool, however i do believe the heater had not been turned on and Graeme knew there was something terribly wrong with the temperature of this *bath water.
daddy quickly rescued G and we went the slow route on acclimating him to the frigidness;-)
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. . .but somebody was sure happy when departure time came and a warm towel was wrapped around him.

will try pool again soon.
will report progress.


  1. Oh my dear, his face is priceless in the first one :)

  2. david hated the pool last year....and the 1st try this year. but we tried again after a REALLY HOT day....the water was warm and he "ate it up"!!! it's definitely the temp! he'll squeel and kick up a storm if it's warm! :) LOVE THE PICS!

  3. it took Nora about 3 solid tries... now she loves it. :) which is awesome because i love it! :)

  4. All I have to say is...look at the ROLLS on those arms! Oh, my. I love him!

  5. Oh, poor baby! I'm with him on that one- cold water is NOT fun! Reminds me of the adventure we've had trying to get Elyse to enjoy her pool out back... Hmm...

  6. oh...bless his little heart!

    but before you know it , he will be a little fish:)



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