moving on up.......

we have smiles for a couple of reasons.........
one, we are moving on up in the growth charts! yay for mister Graemie! If you remember, we registered at the seventh, yes, seventh percentile at our last check-up for height, while the ninetieth, yes, ninetieth percentile for weight, *wink wink. Yesterday, we found out we've moved on up to the seventeenth percentile for height. Slowly but surely is our motive, dear friends!

two, we probably are smiling because we are having way too much fun chewing on our star and grabbing the dragon puppet on our exersaucer while mom tries to stuff some cereal in, which resulted in one messy feeding....

mommy's smiling behind the camera because she's finally decided on a theme for mister Graeme's first birthday party. Oh, let me tell you, she's probably a little too excited............More details to come soon!


  1. Yay for Graeme! That is too cute- he just needs to be kissed for me :)

  2. oooooh. cannot wait until the unveiling of the party theme! got caid's well in the works also.......but hope you share some ideas as you go along...bc I'm always inspired by your creations (& I'llprobably steal!) :)

    and YAY for G-man's growth! Hope he keeps those yummy chubs for some time, though!

  3. Sue--no worries--I kissed him for you! ;-)

    E-- it would not surprise me at all if we chose the same theme..... wouldn't that be just so funny? I think, however, that your theme will be much more creative than mine! ;-) I'll be the one stealing ideas from you;-)

  4. I'm going to guess the theme. Let's see...STRIPES! Am I right?

  5. ahahaaha, Lis! Actually....
    you would be SO proud....
    the theme is an ....

    wait for it

    an ANIMAL!!!!!
    no stripes! ;-)
    shocked much?! ;-)


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