my first scary mom moment.

no, scratch that............

my very first "scary mom moment" happened when mister g was only six weeks old. My sweet friend Jules had come to visit and we had ventured to the little town of Manzanita, on the coast. We pulled into our favorite lunch spot, Bread and Ocean, and pulled the babies out of the car, still strapped into their car-seats. As I walked through the door, I switched holds on Graeme's car-seat; I had been carrying the car-seat from the bottom--not from the handle. As I grabbed the handle, the seat went swinging forward--the handle had not been locked into place. And, had my baby not been still strapped in, he would have been flung face-first onto the pavement. I nearly cried and died of fear. So thankful God protected my baby!

So, today, Graeme was standing up, holding onto a little table in our living room {just like he was in the video below}. I was videoing. Graeme was smiling. Then it happened. He looked at me, smiled, and fell straight back--hitting his head on the carpeted floor. My heart sunk! I felt so terrible! He cried like someone had broken his heart, for about a minute and a half. And then, as suddenly as it had started, it was over. It was right around his nap time, and I caught myself checking in on him, oh, every three minutes or so;-)

I am so thankful that Graeme was not seriously hurt! I talked to my mom, who related a story of my brother Mark falling off a three-foot tall step and landing his head on concrete, when he was just barely at the age of walking. And then, I talked to my sister Barb who comforted me with a story of how they super-glued Conley's head when he was little! And that, my friends, got me laughing and feeling better. It is amazing how resilient little ones are, thank the Lord!

I did check sweet G's head for a lump when he woke up and made him do the finger-follow test;-) He passed with flying colors, but I will still be checking over the next few hours.........

no. more. scary. mommy. moments.


  1. Just wait for the STAPLES. Those are not fun! I can't believe what little ones can live thru.

  2. staples... are you even joking me?! ;-)

    I know, I know.... those days are coming;-)

  3. yep, we had the fall from the 3 foot playground and the roll down 3 cement stairs. SO FAR he has survived, but I can't handle it!! glad little G alright, babies are amazingly tough!

  4. That just breaks your heart when those moments happen. It reminded me of when Wes was in his carrier NOT strapped in and I went to pick up the carrier and he toppled right out onto the floor! Awful moment at the Mincy house :)

  5. that's what's wrong with me :-)

    Glad the Graemster is ok.

  6. kelly--aghh! i remember hearing that story--my heart skipped a beat for you!

    Sara--ack!!! i canNOT imagine!

    I *was* going to mention something to that effect, however......... ;-) hehe!


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