the nitty gritty of cranny + adoption

To write something for "the world" to see can be a challenging task. Challenging in the sense that you want to make sure you keep your word. I mentioned yesterday that "Cranny is the beginning of our adoption fund". When I write that statement out, it means two things to me: one, I am promising that funds from Cranny will be safely placed into an adoption account, and two, I am readily admitting to all that we are setting sail, for certain, on an adoption journey. Do you see what I mean? Writing things like that can be daunting, bone-chilling, and, on the other hand, down-right soul-thrilling.

I've had a few questions concerning our desire for adoption and what it looks like for our family. For us, we feel God is leading us to an international adoption. We further feel God's leading in pursuing our adopted child ( ren ) after the birth of a second biological child. I cannot explain how we have arrived at these specific adoption desires; I can only say that we have a tremendous peace about them and will continue to trust God in leading us on this new journey. And, God's plan might look radically different from our plan--and that is fine too. We trust Him.

On numerous occasions I've been asked, "why adoption?". There is so much I want to explain here, but for now, I will simply say that I cannot get away from the truths and exhortations of James 1:19-27. I simply cannot.

I'll answer more questions as they come along, but I wanted to tell you specifically how Cranny relates to our adoption fund. To say that we will put one-hundred percent of the proceeds towards our adoption fund is a tricky statement. Tricky, because, although I'd like to think that there would never be a problem in doing just that, there might come a day when monies from the proceeds would need to be used for an emergency etc..... And so, to maintain honesty, we've come up with a plan. Each month, I will select an item, or items, from my shop to be the featured "item( s ) of the month". All proceeds from the item( s ) of the month will go directly into our adoption fund--it is non-negotiable. It is our desire that all monies from Cranny go towards our adoption fund, but the item( s ) of the month solution is at least a starting place.

a huge thank you to all of you who made my opening day so very special! I look forward to writing several of you who left me such encouraging comments, and wonderful suggestions and questions!

( oh, and just a reminder, if you haven't already, there is still time to enter the giveaway in yesterday's post. a winner will be drawn on the evening of Monday, June 21st. i can't wait! )


  1. wonderfully written, sarah. I know how hard it is to fit your hearts communication onto the "big screen." And you did a great condensed version! :) Also wondering, for fun, how you came up w. your name. It is so clever, and a true "sister" to knack. :) And, forgot to say yesterday, LOVE the logo all around!

  2. I just visited your estsy site and was so excited that you've already made a couple of sales! I love that you are doing this for adoption. We've talked about it a little, but are NO WHERE near where you are in the thought process! So encouraging to see you following the Lord's leading in this way!

  3. Can't encourage you enough! So happy for you all and I look forward to seeing this process happen in your lives!

  4. hi friends!
    thanks tons for the encouragement!

    do you think people are "crannied" out? i was thinking of writing a post for tuesday about how i came up with the name?


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