on the up and up............

I've been meaning to make this confession for a while now.......
for so many, many reasons:

i love target's up&up diapers!

I love them because, number one, they work well!
We hardly ever have leaks, except on a few occasions when daddy has done the diapering, *wink wink!
And I've never {cross my heart} had a poop explosion with them.

Number two, I love that I can get 96 {currently in size three, although we're pretty much bulging at the seams, and I envision size four coming full steam ahead........} diapers for $13.69, and even cheaper on a sale or ordered in bulk.

I enjoy doing cloth diapers with Graeme, but I refuse to put him in a cloth diaper overnight. It's entirely too smelly and just plain yucky. So, normally it takes me quite a while to get through the 96 count package, since I only use one at night and then a few here and there if we are out and about. I've been using disposables exclusively for about the past two months because of an overstock from the past two out-of-town trips {thanks mom for the diapers!} and because I anticipated Graeme growing out of size three before we could use them up.

If you've never tried up&up, I highly recommend it.........
oh, and just in case you missed the point,
i love target's up&up diapers!
and here's a little clip of what mister Graeme is up to this week............

happy diapering!


  1. yes i have to agree that they work wonderfully. even though we have switched to huggies from costco (having three in size 4....) i have to admit that if we go back to only one in diapers or a newborn.. we will be getting those!!

  2. Awwww, too cute! Pretty soon he'll be talking!

  3. hey Rachel,
    I've heard that the costco ones are more expensive? i just checked on them and thought they were, but maybe i'm not remembering correctly? is it just easier for you all to buy the jumbo packs instead of having to buy the smaller pkgs from Target?

    hope you're doing well!

  4. I am SO with you, Sarah! They are the BEST, especially now with the elastic on the backing- I'm a huge fan. I, too, am taking a break from cloth while I try to figure out how to prepare for 2 in diapers, and I am loving the big ol' boxes of savings :)

  5. yes, Sue, I was wondering about the elastic thing--when I bought some in SC, they didn't have it--but our Target here in OR carries the ones that have it--I am so glad! ;-) Were the non-elastic back ones an old design?

    so happy that you can take a break from cloth while you adjust from two--that must be so much easier;-)

    snuggle that baby for me!

  6. *shaking head*, have you tried bumgenius all-in-ones for overnight? I am telling you they are amazing! I just don't know if the portlanders would approve. :) :) Seriously though, target was the only generic I could ever use. until I recently started getting amazing deals on huggies for $2-4 a pack. I am getting really spoiled. :) target does very good!!

  7. Kell,
    I KNEW you would disapprove;-) I guess I can't knock it til I try it........ I know, the Portlanders would be so ashamed.... but the Hillsboro-ers are quite fine with it, let me assure you;-) ha! yes, Walgreens has been good to me--I'm headed out tonight to get my free diapers;-) where are your good deals from?


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