so we tried out swings for the first time..........

and we decided that the ground is so very interesting........
{especially when your puppy is sitting there rooing at you}
And the swing?
oh yeah, the swing...............
we thought it was alright;-)


  1. Brynnie loves the swings!!! It might take him a few times to get used to it...and I know how distracting Cal can be :) Also-sorry about the scary moment. I'm so thankful that kids don't break easily. I'll have to tell you about another person's scary kid moment the next time we talk - but there's was stupidity!!!

  2. ya, I think we need to try it a few more times;-) he was sitting all the way forward too, so I'm not exactly sure just how comfortable that must have been on the tummy;-)

    can't wait to hear the story! ;-)

  3. That is SO precious- You'll be so glad you captured all of these moments. He is adorable!


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