tuesday treat: Addy's

Here in Portland we have these incredible food carts. Yep, I said it, food carts and incredible in the same sentence. Nope, they're not like taco stands. They're like Pearl District mini restaurants. We visited Addy's yesterday. Her cart was delightful! Addy used to be a sous chef in the Pearl, and boy, let me tell you, Addy knows how to make a mean sandwich!

We opted for the turkey and pate sandwiches, but next time, we'll be back for the chocolate. absolute yum.

I really loved my sandwich despite my grimace. Graeme was busy taking in all of the surroundings. I kept seeing all of these people walking around with black and white checkered, paper-covered sandwiches. I told Steve, I don't know where those sandwiches are coming from, but they look like winners! Glad we found miss Addy!

Of course, we had to stop by the yogurt cart on our way out.......

and walk we did......
see here for more information on the food carts of Portland.
p.s. you might remember them from the ending of Amazing Race, two seasons previously I believe...........


  1. i LOVE portland and all of the goodness it has to offer! this will be on my list of places to go to when i come back!


  2. they sound delightful. I hope we get to try them sometime. :)

  3. yum yum! your hair is looking super cute, by the way :)

  4. How fun is that! The picture with them all lined up really helped me imagine it all!

  5. oh ladies, you need to visit Addy--and so many more too! And me, while you're out here;-)

    Davina--thanks! ;-)


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