tuesday treat

Ever have an old blanket that you just can't part with? This Ralph Lauren blanket is one of those, for me. However, my mostly sweet, sometimes naughty, Cal-girl chewed a few holes in it over the last few years, and it was just looking ratty, albeit, still such a comfy blanket. Enter old blanket + new fleece duvet cover........
I trimmed the blanket down to 86"*86" and also bought some bright and ohsocheery mustard fleece, trimmed it to the same measurement and sewed and serged the pieces together like a pillow-case, leaving one end open to stuff in my down comforter..............

......and although I really liked it, I mean, I really liked seeing that fun and happy mustard fleece peeking out, I decided it needed a few flowers to cover the holes that said naughty puppy chewed.............

and, wow, why all of the lines?
well, that's because I made a few wrong cuts,
so this cover is filled with extra seams.........
i totally meant it that way, right? ;-)

ah, that's better. no more holes peeking out......
and did you notice the serged edge on the flowers?
my grandma bought me a brand-spankin'-new serger!
[thank you Gigi--it's already been put to great use!]
oh wait, I see a partial hole.......
can't win them all........
but let me just say, this old-blanket-turned-new-duvet-cover is comfy with a C........
it was totally worth spending the $12 on mustard fleece................
oh, and by the way, Cali lost her bed privileges months ago.....


  1. Okay, you are too creative. How is it that everything you make looks like its from some sort of fancy smancy magazine and mine look...well like they are homemade?!? I totally noticed the serged edging on your flowers immediately and knew you were having fun with your new gift! P.S.I've never go with those colors on my own, but I love how they look together! You certainly have an eye for color!

  2. I love it, Sarah! It was so fun to see the fleece and hear your idea in a previous post, and then to see your finished project. I try to envision what your creations will look like, but they're always better than I imagine they could be. I'm just saying it because it's true. :)

  3. it's fabulous!! love it!!

    I sew wish I had gotten the sewing gene as well......but alas...that paisley skirt grandmom helped me make in jr high ruined me forever......:)


  4. ooooo and ahhhhhh.... lovely! I just want to know, do we get a "treat" like this every Tuesday? :) beautiful, tasteful, thrifty job! love it.

  5. Looks great, Friend! Tell Cali she can come sleep with me any time... :)

  6. thanks friends! you all are so sweet!

    barb, I'm still laughing at your comment and its twenty-four hours later;-)

    beth...I'm going to try and make it a habit of making something each week;-)

    jules--is this really you??;-) i never thought those words would come out of your mouth;-) i'll pass the good news on to cali;-)


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