tuesday treat

whimsical things are some of my very favorite things.......
whimsical things like jackelopes and mushrooms.
And since watching the new Alice in Wonderland,
which is an absolutely delightful view, by the way,
I've been dreaming of silly rabbits, plump and colorful mushrooms, muted colors, and all things impossible.
And I tell you, I am in love with mushrooms........
{and soon, you can be too, *wink wink.}
I probably had just a tad too much fun making these..........


  1. I'm so curious about what you've done! And that serger action looks so professional, nice work!

  2. I love these!! It is so funny that you mention alice in wonderland!! that movie or more importantly ...the set and wardrobe of that movie inspired me to no end.....I agree ...it was fantastic...and so are your mushrooms!!


  3. I am scared to death of Alice in Wonderland, but I'll take your word for it. Your mushrooms are adorable :)


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