*wink, wink

I mean, seriously, should I even admit this?

On Saturday, Graeme and I ventured out to a large, indoor shopping mall, about twenty minutes away. Everyoneandtheirdog was there. Recession?????

We weaseled our way through the crowds with Graeme's umbrella stroller and ducked every now and then into a shop. Upon seeing 85% off signs above Gymboree's doorway, I decided we should check it out.

Now, here is where the silliness begins.

I consciously moved my hand to turn. on. my. blinker.


Please tell me things like this happen to you too.

( my husband was just reading over my shoulder and said, "and could you show me what that looked like? he makes me laugh! )


  1. I've never done that, but when Ellie talks in the car and she isn't loud enough, I DO start turning up the volume control - as if I could just change her volume with the push of a button. as she would say "dat's so siwwy, mommy!"

  2. oh, this made me giggle, L! I can totally see myself doing that too;-)

  3. ok... here is my confession: I OFTEN walk toward my house with my keys in my hand and push the door open button from my car keys while pointing it at the door!!!!! HAHAHAHA... I feel like an idiot every time!


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