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When my Nanny would come from Delaware to visit us in California, she would always bring along treats. This was one of them. It was always bulging with quarters and I was allowed to spend them. When my Nanny passed away, I was given this well loved, well used change purse. I'm afraid it will come apart if I use it regularly, so for now it sits pretty and reminds me of my sweet Nanny........

My sweet Nanny who had mad Scrabble skills, seemingly always had pin-curlers in her hair, never went out without her nails polished and trimmed, and loved house-shoes, Wendy's, and cherry seven-up.

She said what she thought. And sometimes, she was a little bit of a handful. After my PopPop passed away, she lived with my aunt Barbara for many years. When Nanny would get upset at Barb, she would go to her room and slam her door. One day, my Uncle Eddie said, If you slam that door and it comes off the hinges, you're going to have a room without a door. Ah, if you knew Nanny, that story probably made you giggle.

I opened up her change purse the other day to find the following fortune stuffed down in one of the creases, you will do well to expand your business. It made me smile and laugh all at the same time. Who knows how it got there. Well, actually, I have a pretty good idea: Nanny saved e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I was also given her sewing box, which contained, among sewing things, old keys, gold sticker stars--like the ones I received on my piano songs in first grade--and my all time favorite, acorns. Yes, acorns in her sewing box.

One summer during my college years, I flew to Delaware to spend some time with Nanny. She was getting quite forgetful and fading fast. We played several games of scrabble in a row because she could not remember that we had already played 3 games previously. We would get to the end of a game and she would say, let's play again--we've only played once, right? I didn't mind.

My favorite memory of that trip was Nanny searching for her deodorant. She could not find it and I walked around the corner of the bathroom to find her slapping conditioner on her little armpits. It makes me laugh out loud even now............

oh, how I miss her.


  1. Ahhhh. that's such a super sweet memory. It makes me miss my grandmas too! My grandma Evie would come to AZ every February from Minnesota - I have such happy memories of finding candy in her night stand drawers and getting quarters for giving foot massages!

  2. Sarah, this is such a sweet post -- I'm so glad you took the time to get to know Nanny like you did -- Do you remember that she would often leave you a check thanking you for letting her use your room for her stay? So cute!

  3. that was just so sweet...

  4. I love this!

    Pin curlers, Cherry 7-Up...such sweet memories. I had Cherry 7-Up recently and it didn't taste like I remembered.

    We're planning a trip to visit family in Hillsboro next month. Will you be available August 20 or 21 for a cup of coffee? :)

  5. ohmygoodness, Jenny! yes! I'm thrilled! had no idea that you had family right in Hillsboro! Will look forward to it!!!

  6. justin, jake and jenna's mom7:49 AM

    Very sweet memories...any thoughts of Nanny definitely bring a smile :)


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