love, California ( the etsy shop )

I have a soft spot for unique and unexpected items--whether they be for gifts or my own personal use. I came across these today and couldn't help but l-o-v-e them. Obviously, I especially covet the Oregon design, but the California and Texas pillows begged for a piece of my heart too.

how about you?


  1. LOOOOOVE that current favorite color. ;)

  2. oh, I know it--isn't it great? that's one of the colors that I'm using for G's birthday party;-) kind of boyish, right? ;-)

    i love that love, california lets you pick whatever color of felt you like for your state pillow! I would probably have to stick with the yellow/mustard though! ;-)

  3. nice! I've seen their pillows around etsy and thought them quite clever! I think Oregon makes the perfect state pillow! :)

  4. p.s. funny. that is also one of C's bday colors. I'm somewhat implementing a favorite french teething toy (animal) of his....without being too theme-ated. I go gah-gah for little (esp. boys) birthday parties!!!!! :)

  5. yes--I think I happened upon her shop from ohdeedoh..... and then also noticed that Urban Outfitters had done a blog post about her.......

    Steve thought that the OR pillow looked most like a pillow and I had to agree.... so fun!

    okay, I might have guessed your theme.... I'll be patient, though;-)

  6. Hey thanks for the post! Love the blog!

    Giveaway contest up if anyone is interested:

    - Christin

  7. oooh! love it--thanks so much for the heads-up! Love your stuff!!!


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