miss sharpy-do.

happy birthday,
to my best gal pal,
my sister,

the world would be a shockingly less beautiful place without her presence, cowboy boots would never look so good, and hundreds of wooden people would live life without ever getting their knack on.

hippity-hop over to here and wish Barbie a happy cake and candle day!

( ps. Barb, I love + appreciate you tons! tons, I tell you! )
(pss. Steve gave me the suggestion of titling this post happy knacky. Next up was bienvenidos, Spanish, he said, for happy birthday, until he realized, whoops, it was feliz cumpleanos. Knacky Hap Day was almost a winner too. The list could go on and on........... )


  1. awwwww....thank you sis! love you tons too:)

    wish i was going to be seeing you in a few days......

    ....and knacky hap day got me giggling!! oh my....

    love you , love you!


  2. That is such a GROGEOUS picture! I love it, the outfit, the hair- everything! Happy b-day to Aunt Barbie :)

  3. I DO love her stuff!!!! Lovely picture. And happy bday to your sis.


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