monday medicine on Sunday

her name is Claire,
she's my Monday medicine.......
always sweet, always with a smile......
Claire became blind 6 years ago.
oh that I would be so kind and sweet,
if something so precious as my sight were taken from me.

i also love watching her husband talk to her.
their conversation at the picnic yesterday went something like this:
Doug, sitting in his walker, knees crossed, one hand propped up under his chin: So when do you want to go to the coast, huh? Tomorrow, next week, the week after next? when?
Claire, bending forward to hear better: co?
Doug, patiently, leaning towards her: coast, the coast. When do you want to go to the coast?

i love that they're still planning trips to the coast........


  1. Oh how I love Doug and Claire. What an incredible shot you got of her!! A real gem, for sure. A funny memory I have of this sweet tiny woman is from several years ago when Doug was first diagnosed with cancer and had to be taken in for his chemotherapy. I drove them to the clinic and while Doug was in treatment, Claire and I went to the cafeteria to grab a quick bite. I was delightfully surprised when she went for a large chocolate donut! She makes me smile. :D

  2. how heart-touching and lovely. thanks for this post! greetings from sunny germany, geisslein


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