Yesterday, we found this sweet boy standing in his crib. Thus ensued a conversation between Steve and myself on how to lower the round crib. We looked at the bolts and talked about how we thought it would work. We also considered just raising the sides of the crib since there is no possible way for G-baby to tumble over them. However, I am so short, with the sides fully raised, I cannot put him into his crib in a laying down position for his naps, unless I were to stand on a chair. At some point in the conversation, there was a moment of silence as Steve and I both stared at the crib. All of the sudden, Graeme let out a loud and clear, "okay". There were belly laughs from both of us! Graeme wanted us to know that he agreed with our assessment of the situation, apparently.

However, Graeme's enthusiastic"okay" reminded me of the pianist in the following video. Justin Taylor posted this video sometime back, and his brief introduction to the whole spiel is definitely worth the read.........

"The humor in the performances is found in the humor of life itself. I think it’s possible to avoid mocking people and at the same time to enjoy the foibles of everyday folks.

John Daker is the highlight of the recital.

So earnest.

So forgetful of the lyrics.

And such perseverance until the bitter end.

At some point John Daker went viral, with his solo performance even appearing on VH1.

You can watch him sing below. It’s a strange combination of song choice: “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “That’s Amore.” The video starts with the previous performer, then a brief introduction by Reva Cooper Unsicker. It all starts to go south around the 1:35 mark. Listen for the “whoop.”

In my opinion, it gets funnier with more than one viewing."

ps. As a pianist, I find this little video especially hilarious. She just keeps right on goin......


  1. That is hilarious! His facial expressions are classic- love those eyebrows :)

  2. oh.my.word. I think this is classic teacher who has been teaching way too long!!! of course he seems oblivious to the mess he is, :) but I think this is proof that teachers need to retire sooner rather than later!! funny!!

  3. oh my goodness. thank you for the laugh. i did need that today...

  4. HA. HA. HA. The hilarious thing about this is...that this is pretty much how I sing songs that I SHOULD know, but DON'T know all the words to! I totally make them up and keep going. OK. But I can guarantee that my facial expressions are not.that.bad. Will have to share this one w. John! LOL....literally.

    Seeing Graeme with the bottle makes me laugh. Caiden never took the bottle. Ok. I think I tried one time. And he chewed it and looked at me like, what kind of pacifier is this? And I totally gave it up because, well, I just didn't have time to keep trying when I'm with him all the time. But my first baby....yeah. He was a pro at the bottle and I had a ton of *milk* in the freezer. How things change with additional chilin'! ;)

    p.s. guess what's on my toes RIGHT NOW? *Bronze Beauty!!! I LOVE it! thanks for the recommendation. :)

  5. THAT.was.painful. And, not just because my sides split. Painful.


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