our ten month old, his used car sales-man hair, and his thoughts on Granna and PopPop moving away from the west coast

Yesterday morning, I stuck Graeme in the tub and put a bit of olive oil in his hair to soften some dry skin on his scalp. We realized post-bath that not all of the olive oil had come out and Graeme was stuck with rather stiff hair for Sunday morning. However, it made for some great used car sales-man hair! Slicked back and crisp! As you can see, Graeme thought his new do was hilarious........

the video is Graeme's thoughts on Granna and PopPop moving to the south, away from our side of the United States. I'm seriously hoping and dreaming that my parents and my sister and her family will desire to drive the twenty-six foot penske truck up to Oregon first and then head across the country. One can hope, right?

happy monday!
ps. oh yes, the main purpose of this post, Graeme is now ten months old as of yesterday. Happy birthday to our sweet boy! ( and of course, no sign of teeth yet....... )


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!