Peninsula Park

on Tuesday of this week, we ventured to Peninsula Park in Portland, a rose garden that is totally run by volunteers and has been in existence since 1814.........
we thought that it was a neat piece of Portland history........
loved the Judy Garland roses and the yellow roses reminded me of ones that grew along the side of the house I grew up in........
the fountain was beautiful and we loved watching tons of kiddos swim and wade in it........
and speaking of swimming, G-baby has decided that he is absolutely in love with the pool, in fact, we're headed there with some friends in just a few........

did ya hear? We're having a heat flash here in Oregon--it's been in the nineties three days in a row and thank goodness, it's back to the eighties and seventies after today! I know, we are spoiled!

happy weekending!
ps. my favorite comment that I heard from the day was, look at that baby's legs--they're so cute and fat!


  1. Gorgeous - maybe we can head over there on our trip :) and I have to say that I love Graeme's little leggies too and can't wait to get my hands on him. Brynne finds him quite attractive!

  2. So Beautiful!!!! LOVE the detail obtained in the flowers. Looks like a beautiful day.

  3. I too love the roses! My mom always had lots growing when we lived in Arizona. Looks like it was a nice family outting :)


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