a snippet of our fourth

only in Oregon do you have steaming hot coffee with your fourth of July lunch.......
( it was a bit of a chilly morning and early afternoon here )
a wonderful picnic and worship gathering this morning,
full of yummy treats, wonderful testimonies of God's grace, tasty banana pudding and chocolate cake, laughter, did I mention good food?
oh, and lots of pictures of Graeme.......
it seems that the picture-taker was biased or something..........

we opted out of fireworks for the evening, as G-baby was tuckered out and Cali would have destroyed the apartment from suffering a panic attack, I'm just sure of it, had we left to go for some fireworks fun.

( ever since she ran away on the 4th of July four summers ago--and spent the night outside, lost and by herself, fireworks scare her to death--panting, whining, following me like a hawk, etc... currently she is sitting in Steve's lap with her eyes planted firmly on our living room window.
( big boo for our poor Cal-baby! )

hope your fourth was happy!


  1. looks like a lovely day! the food definitely looks very yummy!

  2. Ah! Looks like you had a great day! I'm so glad you have joined such a great group of friends and believers.

  3. Mine was! ;) These pictures are awesome! (so much better than mine).

  4. I love your little jeans, Graemie Bear :) :)

  5. LOVE THEM ALL! The soccer ball pic made me laugh. The ball is almost as big as Graeme. Or should I say Graeme is barely bigger than the ball. Say that fast. Barely bigger than the ball...
    Okay, don't laugh at my mad grammar skilz. ;)

  6. These shots are awesome Skate! It looked like a lot of fun.

    I especially liked the shot of Kendall, very cool.


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