thursday trilogy

we love them,
and they love us.
We recently received Graeme's new cloth diaper covers in the mail and I love them even more than his first batch!
( my favorite out of Graeme-bear's stash is the top cover that is pictured )
it's hard to believe that when Graeme outgrows these, we'll be potty-training.
time, please slow down!


  1. They are really cute! Are you using this instead of disposable? Does it work well for you?

  2. hey Lacie!
    yes, I use these and love them! We just pair them with the good old birdseye cloth diaper and then I also use liners that are disposable/flushable for the more gross stuff, if you know what I mean;-) I think it is so easy!

    I do use disposables at night and whenever we are out and about..... it just saves time and also, G's night diaper is usually so, so full and the overnight cloth diapers just stunk waayyy too much for me;-) I just couldn't let my baby sleep in that--but I hear that other cloth diaper brands do much better in that area;-)

    I cannot say how much I love the thirsties duo snap covers.....
    there are just two sizes, so that cuts down again on the expense of the whole thing! ;-)

  3. I came oh, so close to doing cloth diapers with Caiden and then, well, life happened. I think I'd still like to get some because I keep hearing they're all the rave! What is the brand of these? it Thirsties? I was pretty captivated by the fact that they are now offering "one size fits lots..." I love the adjustability because they are a pretty penny. However, I read somewhere that over the life of a baby, the average cost on diapers is around $1,000.00. YIKES!!! Good to hear you like them. A personal approval is much weightier than anything on their website! ps LOVE the trees!

  4. Jaxon has the tree one too. It's one of my faves. I have been using a bunch of other brands, including my own and just ran across this one recently. They just started doing pockets recently (which is what I use as opposed to a cover)

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