wink, wink

I'm pretty sure Graeme and I should be in attendance at our local aa..........
avocado's anonymous, that is.......
it's getting bad.
( I should probably let you know that, no, we did not eat these in one sitting.......
these were for a batch of Graeme's baby food that I made. I promise! )

ps. this was amazing. It will change my life, like my friend Erin said in her comment!


  1. we love them too!! we eat them way more than any other vegetable. lovely photo!

  2. sounds like Ellie & me. we eat a lot of those two. We'll see you at the meeting. =D

  3. yes, we are also avocado junkies here! :)
    there is an awesome video online of Jamie Oliver showing you how to perfectly cut one open...changed my life! ;)

  4. we'll see each other at the meeting, pals! ;-)


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