*wink, wink

yep, that was a starbucks gift card.
( the number is still readable on the back, so i think it is still usable )

miss calistoga has been in rare form as of late.
we discovered the chewed starbucks gift card after returning from an errand on monday morning.........
then, on monday afternoon when Steve and I went in to peek on Graeme, cali took the opportunity to eat the rest of Steve's sandwich.
in fact, all that was left was a lonely piece of cheese on the floor.
my, my, what will we do with her?
( we think apartment living has taken it's toll on our poor cal-girl )

i'm taking another blog break until next week.....
we'll be gallivanting around with our visiting pals!

have a great rest of the week!


  1. Poor Cal. We don't have a dog for that reason. Hopefully her days of chewing and devouring end before she ruins something important!

  2. Oh, and I went to the cutest shop this weekend in Charlottesville. I could SO picture you owning the place. I could have bought half the store. = ) I found the blog and got lots of ideas just from that so I thought I'd share.

  3. if you don't want to take that chewed up card in, you can totally transfer that balance to another card. You probably knew that already, but I've been sucked into the Starbucks rewards program...just had to share! :-)

  4. Laura--I just checked it out--what a fun little site! I especially loved all of the letterpress cards they had! sure wish I could've been with ya when you visited their store!

    TwoMuths--aha! yes, that's a great idea. I'm still hoping I can use the card as I just checked the back one more time and noticed that I can only view 12/16 numbers;-( hope that's enough numbers!!! ;-)


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