eleven eleven

i can't believe i'm writing this post.......
it's just not possible that our sweet baby boy is eleven months old today.
my mom said just the other day, "where's our baby?".
And it's true, he's becoming a little boy way, way too quickly.

eleven months means that birthday invitations are complete and sent off and passed out........
( i love that thread from my Nanny's sewing box was used on G's invitations )
this whale party will be here before we know it--
and we are going to have a marvelous time!

happy eleven months, sweet Graeme!


  1. Your invitations look great - am sure it'll be a wonderful party.

  2. love the invites! looks like it will for sure be a whale of a party! :) can't wait to see those pics!

  3. love love LOVE it! 11-11=perfect. yeah, those pics will be pretty special. I'm so excited-from afar- for your celebration of your little one's first year of life. it's sad that they grow up, but each year gets better and better! It's just impossible to not be excited about each new phase of life with them.

  4. ooh, la-la! I am so excited for this - for you! I cannot wait to see all the ooey-gooey details! love the whales! :) and getting a teeny bit anxious knowing that Caiden's celebration is getting that much closer. can you REALLY believe it has been almost a whole year ago???

  5. p.s. pray tell, did you make those invites? they're delicious!

  6. thank you pals--we are so excited about the party for our sweet boy. It is so ridiculous that he is already turning one--but Beth, you are right, how can I not be excited about each new phase?!

    E--I did make them--and I can't wait to see pictures from Caiden's party!!

  7. I love you
    I love you
    I love you

    Miss you terribly, but see you in a few.

  8. i forgot to comment on these....but i salivated over them...they are fantastic!


  9. Wow, absolutely beautiful invitations!

    My baby is 1 months old too - we keep talking about these few final moments of babyhood before toddler-dom comes.

    How do they get so big?!


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