a keeper

several weeks ago, one of our little guys at church came up to me, rather excited to show me something. He said, "look what I wrote!". I looked and said, "oh, that's really great! 'Jesus is the Lamb. Hola loo you'. Now, tell me, what does that mean?". Because, really, I thought that this little boy had recorded something in a different language and I was so very impressed. Immediately, I knew I was wrong and I felt terrible. His little face quickly changed and he said, "no, it's hallelujah".

I then tried to dig myself out of my hole.
( I really could empathize with this little guy--I had some doozies of misspelled words in my day too. I'm recalling a recent blog post by my mother where she had photographed a list of mine. I had listed out my goals for the summer before my seventh grade year and one of my goals was to become more "machure". I told my mom that it was too bad one of my goals hadn't been to become a better speller. )

This past week, I was cleaning out older papers from the children's church journals and I just couldn't toss this one............
( wink, wink )


  1. so adorable. just wait until the creations are coming from mr. g...oh, the heart will go thump, thump.

    and, I thought the note said, "Jesus is the I am." and I thought it was some cute + spanish way of saying "I love you." :)

  2. definitely a keeper! So cute.

  3. his handwriting is fantastic! :)


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