laying a straight rod........

"Avoid debating with people. State your opinion, let them state theirs. If you see a stick is crooked, and you want people to see how crooked it is, lay a straight rod down beside it; that will be quite enough. But if you are drawn into controversy, use very hard arguments and very soft words. Frequently you cannot convince a man by tugging at his reason, but you can persuade him by winning his affections."


  1. I really appreciate what he writes about the strength of an argument speaking for itself. It's a warm and gentle reminder to deal with others the way that Jesus did-- firmly and gently. I want my friends to do this for me! Much growth has happened in my life from friends who were willing to tell me the truth in love.

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I am reading a book by McArthur -The Jesus you can't Ignore- and he says basically the same thing. There is no need for this 'nice conversation' speak truth and basically walk away. I am only in the first few pages of the book but it really struck me!

  3. Our plans changed, and we won't be in Portland today. :( My husband's class schedule was changed. May we take a rain check on the coffee?

  4. Jenny--I was JUST thinking about you--boo--wish we could've met up....

    you'll have to let me know if your husband's schedule allows for Portland! that would be so fun.......

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