Manzanita on summer break

My Creator never ceases to amaze me. I was again struck by God's passion for beauty this past week as we ventured once again to a little coastal town called Manzanita. I've blogged about Manzanita here and here. Yes, it's quite a favorite! I probably could have taken a hundred more photographs of all of the beautiful foliage. Truly, I have never seen so many different species and colors of flowers in such a small amount of square footage! ( Manzanita is just a teeny-tiny town, packed with amazing goodness. )

and when you come visit me, I will take you here...........

i love those two people down on the end..........

i wanted to take this little trike home for G-baby......

my husband spotted this book and thought of me.
( the key word being competitive, wink wink )

happy thursday!


  1. your flower photos are so great. feels like I could lean forward and smell them! funny, just last night I was reading in a children's book about a gray squirrel who came across a manzanita bush. i had no idea what it was (learned it's an evergreen which produces small red fruit & grows in western N. America).

  2. GORGEOUS flowers. we're going there when we come to visit. :) :) love the scoot too, how adorable!

  3. This look like such a neat little town-- the coast in the Pacific Northwest is so different than in the South!! I love it though. It's nice to love vicariously through you --- thanks for posting this!

  4. Oh no! I just realized I got you AND your sister's names wrong in my post about y'all! So sorry... so her name is Barb, right? And what is yours?
    And you were both so gracious about it too :)

  5. Paige--no need to worry! you are so sweet! my name is Sarah and my sister's is Barb......

    ( my middle name is Kathryn and from the time that my husband and i met, he's called me Sarah Kate.... and a few others call me that as well..... you can call me whatever you'd like;-)


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