monday medicine is. . .

monday medicine is sand between your toes for the first time,
( and sock lines on your chubby legs, *wink wink )

the beach with pals,

and kisses from daddy.

happy monday,
ps. please, just ignore me on the video. seriously, some day i will learn to not say anything while recording videos!


  1. love the sandy toes!!!!
    i rememer the first time we took our little gal to the beach and realized that i would have to start getting sandy again (after years of just taking a book and a chair with me) ...but what fun!!
    saw your fabulous banner at barb's studio the other love love it!!! i just kept looking at it

  2. oh i LOVE it! so fabulous!

    i love the shot of steve kissing him and his mouth is wide open!


  3. Oh my cute goodness!!! So snuggly and adorable. I love it!

  4. thank you, ladies! i can't stop looking at the picture of my two boys--love them so dearly!


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