my 499th post and old ladies' perfume

I am excited to announce that this is my 499th post because that means one thing: the next post will be the big five-zero-zero! I am planning on doing a little give-away tomorrow in honor of new Fall treats for the etsy shop + the 500th post milestone.......... If you like the sound of a door sweater, come back tomorrow for the giveaway.

But I digress from my original intent of this post. I was in dire need of dishwasher detergent the other evening and normally, my husband would volunteer to go to the store at such a late hour, but he was preparing for a sermon and so I ventured out to Safeway around 10:30pm. I purchased two incredibly important things: dishwasher detergent and chocolate doughnuts. I figured I deserved the doughnuts for getting out at such a late hour, *wink wink. As the nice Safeway lady bagged up my things, I thought I noticed an overwhelmingly strong sense of perfume wafting my way. But she was so nice, so I forgave her. However, when I got home, I noticed that my hands and my grocery bag and my dishwasher detergent and my chocolate doughnuts smelled like her too. I mean, seriously, there are boundaries folks.

I thought it was just me--but Steve smelled it too. And I continued to smell it for the next three days, which I thought was incredibly hilarious. Every single time we reached for a doughnut we were reminded of our nice Safeway friend;-)

Ah, I do love old ladies. I sometimes don't like their perfumes. They're just so sweet though. This incident reminded me of an elderly lady in our church in Virginia who just She was so sweet and encouraging; after he would speak in Sunday school, she would always thank him and tell him what she learned, and then she would hug him. And then he would smell like her all day long...............

ah, good times.
happy monday!


  1. So glad to see a post from you today. I've missed you this week. I figure the lack of post may have something to do with a sweet someone's birthday coming up soon!
    P.S. 500 posts!!! WOW. I'm only at 91 after blogging for a couple of years. I think I need to be more faithful. Working on that!

  2. I could hardly wait till today!

  3. Heidi9:50 PM

    I think that same lady must have hugged me and Matt too ;)


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