tuesday treat

i'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my TOMS,
and G-baby's too!
i love that Graeme's shoes are called "tiny toms".......
( hope he doesn't mind that we are going to have matching shoes )
my total for both pairs of shoes came to a grand $0.00............
( i'm so thankful for gift cards! )
i love the generosity and mission of this company.......
my purchase just gave two pairs of shoes to needy children in our world.


  1. I love mine and really want to get a second pair! =)

  2. just looked at the site - LOVE THESE!!

  3. oh, wow, I can't believe you got for free! 2 of my siblings have these and I have considered it, but the price.... :( I didn't realize they had tiny toms though, how cute!

  4. yes, the tiny toms are a bit pricey especially. i think i would have eventually taken the plunge and gotten them for Graeme even sans-gift card, but i was oh so glad for our gift cards;-) steve actually received them at a conference that he attended earlier in the year--it was their gift to the attendees;-) since he wasn't too sure about the guys selection, he told me to order whatever. at first, i thought about ordering two pairs of the womens....

    but then came across the tiny toms and thought the grey pair would be perfect come fall;-)


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