a bit from Graeme's whale party. . .

Our happy, little guy was rather subdued during his big partay. We are pretty sure that his teefers had something to do with that. We did manage to find a few smiles from him, though, and he managed to eat almost his entire cupcake. Quickly. I'm pretty sure he thought it was the yummiest thing that had ever crossed his hi-chair's tray!
I mean, seriously, we couldn't even get G-baby to look at the camera he was so intent on that cupcake!
Graeme's older friends drew him the most delightful birthday greeting. . .
DSC_0307 DSC_0254
chatting with Julia and waving to daddy. . .
Our camera was put away most of the day because my talented gal-pal Aubrie was there.
We 'll share her beautiful photographs from the day soon!
Thank you to all of our friends and family that made this day so very special for Graemie-bear.
. . .what a wonderful first birthday he certainly had!
The company and weather were absolutely perfect!
( I had been praying for weeks about the weather! )

Here's the video from everyone singing happy birthday to Graeme and mister G discovering the sweetness of sugar. . .notice his rather large bite somewhere in the video. . . . .


  1. I am so glad the rain was far away on this special day. I was going to chat with you tomorrow at church, but couldn't wait after seeing the few pics. How wonderful it is to truly celebrate all that the Lord has provided. Our children are precious treasures from Him and it's a sobering thought that He has entrusted in us the task of pointing them back to the Savior. Many blessings to you and Stephen as you continue to train, teach and guide Graeme. How wonderful to have your mom with you today. We are so sorry to have missed it. At 3:30 I made a mental note and then looked at the clock only minutes later to see that my "minutes" turned into hours and flew by and it was 5:40. I was sad to miss the fun (and the cupcakes!!), but mostly, sad to miss saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAEME. Praise the Lord for his life and his role in your family. Lots of love you, Branines. ~Janice

  2. Happy Birthday Graeme! The party looks lovely!I totally love his high chair, and your hair is very cute :)
    We call them teefers too!

  3. justin, jake, and jenna's mom11:54 AM

    awww.... wish we could have been there too. unfortunately, we couldn't even get our e-card to send either, boo! so happy that he had a nice time and thankful for God putting him into our family! :D

    Uncle Mark, Aunt Tricia, Justin, Jake and Jenna

  4. What a happy first birthday party!!!! How cute everything looked- and those cupcakes sure did look good! Happy Birthday Graeme!!!

  5. What a cute little birthday boy!

  6. This is adorable! What a fun first birthday...Brynnie really wishes she could have been there to help celebrate and eat cupcakes :) The video is a treasure...although I did get a good giggle out of one part - I'll tell you about that later!

  7. I am quite impressed by the chalk drawing myself! that was cute! I also can't believe that he got to keep on his shirt during the cake eating. and whoever harmonized on the end of HB song cracked me up. :) looks like a fun celebration!

  8. awwww...we all just finished watching the video! love it! he is so stinkin' precious! i want to eat him up:)

    glad it was the perfect day!


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