current favorites of my one year old ( part one )

Graeme was given so many sweet gifts and treats for his first birthday. We were overwhelmed with the kindness of our friends, family, and neighbors. I thought I would feature some of the gifts that he was given. I know that I, for one, had a hard time coming across a "favorites list for one year olds" while researching gifts for Graeme's birthday. I couldn't find pictures of everything, but here are several of his gifts. He has been enjoying all of his gifts immensely. The little, red Tonka car and the milk bottles from the milk truck were held onto until bed time on his birthday;-)

Here we go. . .

I love the new vintage toys by Fisher Price--and so does Graeme! This little milk truck is loads of fun with it's removable milk bottles and also it's bell that rings as you pull the toy across the room.

Graeme loves the mega bloks that were included with this school-bus. He got a little beside himself when he could not get the school-bus driver out of the school-bus. We realized that the driver was still wired in--and after he was de-wired, Graeme quickly took him out of the school-bus and has since carried him around the house, pretty much wherever he goes.

ah, we have one happy boy on our hands. He loves these and any other trucks and cars!

This Melissa and Doug puzzle was such a perfect gift for Graeme's whale party. I had searched and searched for a gift that had a whale on it, but came up empty handed. I was so thrilled ( and Graeme was too ) that my friend Loraena found this puzzle! The crab is Graeme's current favorite. Well, the crab and also when Daddy chases Graeme with the shark;-)

The dump-truck with magnetic blocks. Could a boy's life get any better?

Nesting cups--these have been so fun for G. He thinks that drinks should be inside of them though--we're working on that;-)

But of course!

Hammer=happy. ( Although, we're still learning how to use it correctly! )

This gift was from Gigi--my grandma. She also sent Graeme a talking/singing book that he thought was the cat's meow. Gigi's gifts are always winners!

The last two gifts were from mommy and daddy. I had gotten a recommendation from my friend Kelly on the Alpha-books, and I will just say this: ding, ding, ding, winner! Graeme was also beside himself when he saw all of the bells and whistles on his Circo walk and play toy. I love this toy--it has so many fun things to keep Graeme's attention, not to mention that he can walk with it as well. Graeme hasn't quite gotten the walking part down yet--but he is interested. I think it scares him a bit when it takes off on him, being the very cautious little guy that he is. . . I believe we have a video of Graeme discovering this toy for the first time. His little fingers did a little happy dance--it was so fun to watch the joy on his face!
Last, but definitely not least, Graeme is thoroughly enjoying his new, front-facing car seat, thanks to Granna and Pop-Pop. Riding in the car is one of his very favorite things to do. We realized a while back that it is probably because of his little "friend" that he sees in the mirror in front of his car seat. He just thinks "that guy" is a complete crack-up! We find it rather hilarious too;-)

Graeme was also given some really special gift-cards, books, and other items that I hope to post about soon. I happen to know that he has several things on the way from sweet family members--so I will have to add those to the list as well! I hope this list might be helpful to some of you who might find yourself shopping for a one year old in the near future!

Again, thank you to all of our family, friends, and neighbors for gifting such sweet things to our one year old!
_______________________ _______ ____
ps. for those of you wanting to see a few photographs from the party, my awesome friend Aubrie put up a sneak peek here.


  1. what a wonderful set of gifts!! as he takes off these next few months you'll be so happy for a variety as they sometimes get bored easily. so glad you got the Alpha books - they are so great!!

  2. sweet birthday, little boy!!!
    on the lookout for the adorable vintage-like milk truck. I know Mr. C would LOVE that!!! the celebration looked fantastic! So glad it was a beautiful day! :) Now...back to your newly over-stimulated life! ;)

  3. That FP milk truck is soooo cute! :)

    And I clicked over to see the photos of the party- priceless! They turned out perfectly. Such good memories for you all.

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