welcome, beautiful Autumn season. . .

I cannot ignore the first day of Fall,
my favorite season.
Thank you, Lord, for the immense gift of beauty,
through your vast creation.
But, right now, thank you especially for the time of Autumn.
The time of refreshing rain, crisp air, pumpkin scones and ginger cookies, sweet and happy giggles from G-baby, and talks with Steve by a cozy fire..........

( new door sweaters that will be loaded into the etsy shop shortly. . .
mustard, creamed cotton, and green-gray door sweaters with raw-edged, gray-flannel ruffles
in honor of my favorite season, of course. . . )

happy Autumn, my dear friends..........


  1. I agree, this season is a gift from God. I am so excited for it to get a little cooler here! I know Portland is beautiful this time of year :)

  2. super lovely......i love them all!

    ....and it is not even close to feeling like fall here in the stupid hot south:){ i say that in the most loving way!} 90 degrees plus today....


  3. Lovin' that mustard colored one! Enjoy your the change of seasons!

  4. Happy 1st day of Autumn. Hope you enjoy something yummy this weekend. I think I'm going to have to try those pumpkin scones!

  5. Annalisa12:07 PM

    Fall's my favorite too.=) I'm making Molasses Spice cookies tonight and have looked at three stores searching for canned pumpkin to make pumpkin bread to no avail. So sad... And the "door sweaters" have such nice simple lines, but still so warm looking--perfect!

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