10, Missouri, and 100,000. . .

put them together and what do you have?

so many things.

The visit counter on my blog informed me that my blog reached the #100,000 mark somewhere during the night last night. This is a fun fact for me and a fact that makes me ponder exactly why it is that I have a bloggy, blog, blog.

I'm so glad you asked.

I have a blog because it is an expedient way to journal the memorable events of my life, of sorts.

I have a blog because so many funny situations present themselves to me and I like to share those moments with friends and family, and then also with complete strangers.

I blog because of my beautiful son, Graeme. I want to remember every possible moment with him--even the moments that consist of cheese sandwich smashed in his hair and boogers in his cute little nose. I especially want to remember the countless times that we try to put his shoes on and end up laughing because of how long it takes to get them over his fat feet. Um, Graeme doesn't really wear shoes that often. We are beginning to see arches in his feet. Beginning, I say.

And of late, I have a blog because I have opened my very first shop, Cranny. It saddens me that I hardly touched my sewing machine once from the time I married my Steve until we moved to the beautiful state of Oregon. That means I really didn't touch my darling sewing machine for nearly five years. That's too many years! Being able to stay at home each and every day with my Graeme-bear has allowed me to pull out my dear sewing machine once again. I don't miss sitting in an interior design office, I don't miss grading papers--although I certainly miss the sweet faces of my second graders that I once taught, and I certainly, certainly, certainly do.not.miss. sitting through lessons of piano students who did not practice. ever. Ever, ever, ever! But again, I really miss the children and their families. They were so dear to me. Almost all of them, that is........

Cranny has been such a fun outlet for me. I am thankful that God has given me this opportunity. I don't know what changes will come to this little blog over the next 100,000 visits--but I do know that I want just one blog. I cannot separate my personal life from my Cranny adventure. I am not that talented. So, I do know that this little blog will remain the whole package--my life, my family, my faith, and Cranny--all wrapped into one. I want to sit down and write out some goals for Cranny. But this will take time and prayer. I started Cranny with a specific purpose. And that purpose is so important and dear to Steve's and my heart. I look forward to keeping you updated on our journey to adoption, as God leads and allows.

all of this to say. . .
( I know that most everyone just skipped the other paragraphs to reach this point. And that's okay ♥ )

. . . it appears, from as much as I can tell, that my 100,000th visitor was from the grand state of Missouri. It also appears that Cranny is on the verge of sending out an order to it's 10th state. I want to celebrate! Keep your eyes wide open for some sort of great little deal within the next few days or so...... Basically, it will be some little scheme about free shipping to the customer that is from the 10th shipped-to state for Cranny. And maybe we'll work a special, special deal if it happens to actually be someone from Missouri? But, I want to introduce a few new items to the shop before I actually make that deal the real deal.

ps. just a hint, the new Cranny items are being made especially for those little knee-high sweeties that often have cheese sandwiches smashed in their hair and boogers in their noses.

see you soon!


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!