the fanny pack never looked so good!

i mean, seriously, this is genius in my opinion--
I love that my purse/diaper bag wouldn't fall off of my shoulder every. single. time. I bent over to pick something up.

love this etsy shop and love that they are based in Malasia!
hope you enjoyed this tuesday treat......


  1. yes--you and me both;-) us Oregonians and our fanny packs.......


  2. Very cute...I was a little curious since in "vacationersville" out here, we see a lot of fanny packs - and not they they usually ever look that great, but it seems the people wearing them...hmm...well, just not the best choice. This is a huge upgrade :)

  3. When I first read the title to your post, I really thought you had lost your mind :) But I have to say, those are very cute, and I really liked the ones for little girls--adorable and practical! :)

  4. i'm with stephanie....had to see after reading the title...
    but it really is cute :)

  5. I don't need any more ruffleage in that department if ya know what i mean... cute plaid, but practical? ?? I would always worry about it clashing w whatever I'm wearing! very clever idea though- reinventing the wheel!

  6. I know it. . .
    it was a surprisingly nice find in conjunction with the words fanny pack, huh!

    beth--well, the plaid might not be so practical--but the seller does sell in neutrals as well--which would be totally worth it and practical to me! yes, I probably don't need to add anything to my waist line at the moment either;-)

  7. i was visiting this shop last week while searching for a fun new diaper bag!


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