my kind of love.....

this is love to me:
finding egg nog in my refrigerator after my husband runs to the store

On a separate note, I'm thankful for a little boy who woke up so much better this morning. Yesterday was rough. Lots of hugs, kisses, and Gaia's warming rub for Graeme. And thus ensues my love/hate relationship for church nursery..............

(wink wink )


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about the church nursery. The hard part is that by the time you realize your child "has something," she's probably already passed it on to others. Less than a year before we're past that stage...unless the Lord has a surprise in store for us!

    Glad G is feeling better. The winter season is rough for the little ones and the mommies!

  2. we love to pour a little eggnog in our hot chocolate :) mmmm...

  3. Egg Nog season already!? We haven't gotten our first container...yet. We also love it in hot chocolate like Beth! I am loving your new organized blogging schematics, Sarah! I really look forward to your daily snippets! It must help you to blog with intention! :) Happy day to you, ma'am.

  4. M--it's good to hear from an experienced mom;-) For some reason, too, I keep thinking that when G catches a cold, it must be a little cold, because it is in a little person. . .must not be true though, because I now, for the second time, have caught his cold! I'll withhold my mean comments about the church nursery now......... ;-) hope your kids are feeling great!

    B&E--gurrlllll--you guys need to go get you some egg nog!;-) And I will try the egg nog in my hot chocolate. You guys always have such great ideas;-)

  5. I'm still growing into "loving" egg nog- Jordan LOVES egg nog, but I'm content with hot chocolate... perhaps a mix would be best for me! :) Yes, as for the nursery, I have to keep reminding myself that my girls are getting super-strong immune systems out of those fun Sundays in there! :)

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