thursday trilogy

newbies added to the itty bitties section of Cranny........
( although I have them in my own bedroom, and one on my mantle, and one sitting on a tray on my table, and, well, I think they could be for every room in the house!)
eight inches and twelve inches high,
you can add a mustache for the misters and posie for the girlies....
the original yarn and felt letters.......
there you have it.
( my sister Barb featured them here. her reader's comments made my little Cranny heart go pitter-patter )

I do have a question for you, though. Please be honest. What do you think about the felt on mister w? Like it? Dislike it? I'll share my thoughts and the thoughts from some of my most avid Cranny fans in the comments section;-)

happy thursday!


  1. Love these letters. So colorful and fun! I just checked out Cranny again and am loving all your work. Looks like it is a successful as well with almost 30 sales. Congratulations!

    As far as the W goes... It looks good how it is, but I think I like the edges better covered with yarn. I looked at the pictures on Knack and noticed ones where it looks like you wrapped the sides and then the front. Personally I think I liked that better as it gives it a little more finished looked. Loving all your ideas these days!

  2. Felt + Yarn = Cranny Delightfulness!
    I can't think of a better combo!
    I truly love Mr. W...though, I'm a bit partial to Ms. Posie E. :)

  3. I came across your shop and love the yarn wrapped letters. Hope you don't mind my two cents...I like the green and gray together, but I like the edges wrapped in yarn better.

  4. well. . .
    here is the verdict. I actually love the felt with the yarn. I don't know what it is that makes me like it, but I think it has something to do with the texture--and also, I just love that oatmeal felt with that olive green. Sooooo.... I am wondering if I would love it just the same in different colors? Maybe not?

    So, Laura, and Nicole-- ( and Nicole--I am so glad you popped by and shared your opinion! thanks tons! ) you all are in great company--my sister Barb and my husband just aren't sure they like the felt look. They both feel that it looks unfinished.

    the only reason I have some letters with the felt is that it is virtually impossible to cover those areas in yarn--without making the letters 5 feet thick from so many strokes of yarn! ;-) I guess out of necessity, the letters that will have to have a yarn + felt combo will be:
    B, G, M, W
    ( and possibly K )


  5. We love our pink E! Can't wait to get Ellie's shelves up so I can display it appropriately!

  6. love the felt yarn combo. it looks like the felt letter is wearing a sweater. the colors are awesome! very warm and inviting letters.

  7. BTW, we love to pour a little egg nog into our hot cocoa this time of year! (in relation to your last post)

  8. well, thank you everyone for your thoughts! I guess I'll just have to put both styles on the etsy shop-out of necessity for some letters! And if people don't particularly like the look of the felt, hopefully they can think of a letter to order besides B, G, M, or W;-)


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