a very, very special birthday gift for Graeme. . .

When I was in kindergarten, I had a very special teacher named Mrs. Reece. She is what I remember from kindergarten. Each afternoon, she would come in to teach us about the wonderful world of drawing teddy bears, the very important art of baking and eating monkey bread, the beautiful world of reading books, and the incredible gift of investing in children with time and love, and millions of other things. She taught us life on life. I can say this: in the mornings we were taught how to read and write by a different teacher and I cannot, to this day, tell you one thing about that lady. I can tell you boatloads about Mrs. Reece!

One of the books that she read to us was Corduroy by Don Freeman. It was a favorite!

Graeme received a very, very special gift in the mail for his birthday: Corduroy from Mrs. Reece. She had contacted me earlier to see if Graeme already had the book; I could hardly believe that Graeme did not own such a fantastic book--but pretty excited that he would receive it from someone so special!

I decided that we needed some photographs from Graeme's first read of Corduroy. I have to say, in all honesty, my Graeme-bear loves to read, but he seemed especially enthralled with this book. I only wish Mrs. Reece could visit and read it to him herself. . . As I read this book to Graeme, a flood of wonderful memories came back to me from my year with Mrs. Reece.

Truly, sweet memories are a gift. Thank you Mrs. Reece for investing your life in mine--and for your incredibly sweet gift to my son! Now if I could just get you to come visit and make us some of that fantastic monkey bread.................♥


  1. I've been on 2 different computers and the pics (except one) don't come up for me. don't know if anyone else can see them or not!

  2. hmmm....
    I figured something was going on--thanks for telling me! I've been having issues with my flickr free account and decided that it was time to upgrade to a real account. . . hopefully everything is fixed now and I won't have anymore disappearing pictures;-)

  3. What a sweet story! And those pictures are just perfect. That last one of Graeme's face is priceless :) Elyse loves her Corduroy book, especially when the button POPS off of the bed :) I love that every time you read that to him, you'll be remembering so many fun memories :)

  4. I can see them now - cute :)I need to get Graham that book!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful and inspiring post! What a wonderful lady. So glad Graemie bear has Corduroy. That book is a favorite here too.

  6. I LOVE the corduroy books as well and can vividly remember Mrs. Stumpf reading them to my class during the afternoon rest time. I can still hear her memorable voice...I too was overjoyed to introduce my guys to the wonderful world of this memorable bear:)

  7. I'm slow weighing in on this one, but I have to mention that Corduroy is a favorite in the Helms house, too...particularly with our two-year-old right now. But she insists his name is CordurBOY, and I love hearing her say it too much to correct her (or let her siblings correct her).

    We actually don't have our own copy--just get it from the library on occasion. But she has shown so much love for it--more than the others--that I think it may come here to live at Christmastime.


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