you know why I'm grinnin'

'cause I'm on vacation with mama and dada.......

Graeme is super excited about this week--daddy is here, with us, every day of the week!
we are vacationing in the high desert area of Oregon and it is beyond beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable. We slipped into starbucks quickly to catch an internet connection........

we'll see you next week with lots of pictures of beautiful places in the high desert of Oregon.
we cannot explain God's goodness to us this week--it has been overwhelming.....

happy week to you, friends!


  1. Have a great time relaxing with yur family!

  2. He's looking so grown up! Have a wonderful time away!

  3. G is looking so big & handsome! hope you have a very special week, you're in our prayers! sounds like a beautiful vacay spot!

  4. What a cute smile...
    And you are so welcome. I love that hooray banner. Saw it in barb's studio and was trying to figure out how I could sneak it home in my pocket :)
    Have a great trip

  5. I'm going to eat him!


  6. happy vacation! that sweet little face Graeme's making is just precious, by the way...

  7. Have such a wonderful time. I still remember our first little family vacation to Maine when Drew was just over a year old. It was just the three of us for nearly a week---it was a crossroads for us! ENJOY!


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