40% off Melissa and Doug at Craft Warehouse. . .

( attention especially Portland area peeps........ )
If you live near a Craft Warehouse, and are in need of any Melissa and Doug toys for your little one, this is a fantastic deal.

In their flier, Craft Warehouse has a 40% coupon--good until November 21st. They have a wide variety of Melissa and Doug toys directly inside their front doors. I was completely thrilled to find out that the coupon is good on the M + D toys. And good news, they have a stack of fliers located right at the entrance.

It is going to be very hard to keep Graeme's Noah's Ark in his closet for another month. I have my eye on a few others too--especially the double decker car carrier--which won this year's Toy of the Year award from Disney.

I love these toys and highly recommend them!


  1. Oh wow, I should probably just stay out of that place until the sale is over. =) We just got Ellie the artist's easel with birthday money from her grandparents. =)

  2. YES!! We have an accumulating collection of M+D toys!!! I LOVE their wooden goodness the growing variety this company is offering. The boys scored the big red barn farm from their grandparents and Caiden also got the Noah's Ark! Also, Jack just got JOEY, the magnetic "paper doll" toy- boy version. He LOVED it and played with it for 2 straight hours on his birthday. You just cannot go wrong, I am convinced!

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Looks like a great deal--Melissa & Doug makes such cute stuff! Sarah, I wanted to ask you what kind of camera you use. Seth & I's is about to bite the dust and we want to get a high-quality one that I can play around with and maybe take a photo class. Do you recommend yours and do you have any others you would recommend? Thx!

  4. Bethany! hey! my camera is the Nikon d5000. I love it. I can't recommend it enough really. I think I can safely recommend any of the Nikon dslr cameras to you. If you don't want to quite go to the d5000, the one right below it ( I can't remember the model number ) is a great camera. And, I think the d60 is what the d5000 replaced--if you can find that camera, it is also a great one. Again, I might have the model numbers wrong;-( sorry about that! Let me know what you end up purchasing!

  5. I love Melissa and Doug toys too...and I don't have kids! But I do have a collection of them as I use them often in therapy with my one- and two-year olds. Wish we had a Craft Warehouse near us...


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