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The title to this post is kind of how I think you, my readers, are feeling about this post and my cloth books!

I've been going through somewhat of a metamorphosis with making cloth books. I feel like maybe, just maybe, I might have a little butterfly crawling out of the cocoon with this one.
( hopefully )

This cloth book is much, much simpler than the previous ones I have made. I am with the fabrics--they are wonderfully eye-catching and fun.

I created this book because the previous cloth book that was available in my shop was incredibly time consuming. Incredibly time consuming = incredibly expensive. I also was not completely happy with the quality of the book. It wasn't exactly what I was after. I created this book for its simplicity: to teach young children their colors in a fun and beautiful way.

The books will not be available in Cranny until the end of this week, but if you would like to reserve a book, please email me at The books are priced at $26.00 with an additional $2.00 fee for shipping.

The book measures 6 inches high by 8 inches wide. The initial of the child is placed on the front cover and a card is included with the purchase of the book, as seen in the last photograph.

thanks, friends, for all of your support for Cranny! I truly wish that I could send each one of you a special box of treats!

oh, and ps., today I am thankful for Mondays--because "Mondays" mean that my super great husband gets the chance to sleep in past 5am, that my incredibly sweet guy gets to see his baby boy ALL day long, and that my Steve is here. at home. with us.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. this looks wonderful sakes! :) love it!

  2. for this, I am glad. Mr. C really, really wanted one of these for his birthday, but unfortunately, the cost was just a bit steep for his little piggy bank. But he's been a good boy and has saved his birthday pennies, so I will ask him what he thinks! ;)

    the bird page reminds me of a Charley Harper illustration. Love. It.

    waiting for metamorphosis. because I see the butterfly emerging!

  3. love the fabrics!

  4. I love it!

    BTW, Boo wore her "Fran/Narf" last Sunday with a purple corduroy dress. I meant to get a picture for you, but didn't this time. Next time! It's perfect for her--so Boo!


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