do you know where your food comes from? ( wink wink )

Enter, Food Inc.

If you haven't seen the documentary Food Inc, you need to. Here is a trailer for the documentary. ( You can view the documentary in it's entirety via Netflix. )

I don't mean to step on any toes--but if you are feeding your children pop-tarts and McDonalds, then you need to watch this documentary.

I love Oregon. I love my New Seasons market. I love buying grass fed beef from our local farms. I love buying my chicken from the local farms, through New Seasons, knowing that the name Tyson is not anywhere near it! ( You'll understand that statement more after watching the documentary. )

Be prepared to shed tears, as a mother shares her story of losing her baby to E.coli. Be prepared to get outraged at the "big" chicken and beef companies, their hiring practices, their lack of ethics, and their gross quest for money over people's health.

Be prepared to want to march straight to the farmer's market and buy boatloads of organic foods.

And, be prepared to tell everyone you know, that doesn't eat organic, grass fed, open cage, etc....., that they're eating beef that came from cows standing in their own poop, chickens that could only walk a few steps without collapsing from illness, and beef that was raised on corn. ( wink wink! )

Oh, let me tell you, you will want to shout some things from the roof tops!
But sit back.
Soak it all in.
Start small.
Begin today.


  1. hi!! i just read your comment on my blog! i love your shop and so happy to hear why you have one! oh my family and i watched food inc. back in march! i had my husband watch it a week later and since this video, my two sisters, my husband and i only eat organic foods bought from our local farmer's markets, whole foods and trader joes. i don't eat much meat anymore either. if we do it's from the markets above or a local grain fed only restaurant. if you haven't might want to also read Clean by Alejandro Junger. it's an amazing blew my mind. have a great day! :)

  2. I 100% agree with you. Excellent film. Totally changed my perspectives on things.... feeling a little jealous of your living in Oregon.

  3. Oh, Sarah, I so agree with you! We watched this not long after it came out, and it made me SOOOO glad that we had already switched to organic food as much as possible a few years ago. This one was definitely an eye-opener, and we get on our soapbox and tell people about it, too :)


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