friday favorite

puffy vests are my favorite on Graeme.
I wish I looked as cute in mine..........
Graeme owns 4 of them because of some birthday money put to good use and because of great deals at Target and Old Navy.

( if you are in need of vests for your little one, they are half off now at Old Navy )

today, I am thankful for "older" friends. Graeme and I are headed out with my friend Linda to hit up Ken's artisan bakery ( super yummy ) and the grand opening of our H + M. It's going to be a favorite Friday for sure!

happy weekending!


  1. all the more to hug him with! they are adorable! :)

  2. hello...
    well, these are so very cute.
    i got your comment today...but i did not get your message on etsy. when did you send it? i looked and looked but couldn't find one....
    you can email me if you want...
    thanks michelle


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