if I were to ever get a tatoo......

it would probably look something like this........
( just with different names of course! )

a beautiful piece of art by B. Dunlap, a stunningly gifted calligrapher, and you can read about the story behind this tatoo here

ps. today I'm thankful for gifted writers. As in, Paul Miller. I am currently reading his book Love Walked Among Us. I just finished another book of his, A Praying Life. I cannot recommend this author enough. God has taught me so much through Miller's writings.


  1. Jessica B.8:11 AM

    Such a cool idea. It's always nice to see tattoo's that mean something and look nice.
    I've always loved your handwriting too, Sarah

  2. That is beautiful. One of my neighbors recently got a tatoo of her two little boy's initials - it looks really nice.

  3. If you do it....I will too :)

  4. hey Jess--I agree. well crafted tattoos are too few and far between. Although, I've seen some pretty great ones here in Portland. ;-)

    L--I want to see it;-) My sister showed me a picture of one of her friends' tattoos. . . it was a miniature drawing that her son had done--it was incredibly amazing and perfect.

    Jules--are you sure you want to commit to that? ;-)

  5. this looks exactly like the tattoo I just got on my back!...just different words...of course :) {wink!}

  6. Shut. Up. Barb! No you didn't!


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