monday medicine

I love him.
don't you?

today I am thankful for my husband's employment, even though they called him in on his day off. It is likely that he will be working 6 days-a-week until the New Year. This will be difficult, but I am still grateful that he is employed when there are so many people looking for employment.

happy monday!


  1. He is "beary" cute!

    Wes is having so much fun compiling gifts for Mr G. as he was the lucky one to pick his name :)

  2. That hat might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Obviously because of the super cute little guy underneath it.

  3. Is it wrong for me {a 17 year-old} to want a hat like Graeme? Because I do. Really badly.


  4. sara--I am so excited that Wes has G's name;-)

    Shannalee--thanks tons! I'm in love with the hat--and the wearer of the hat;-) i failed to mention that it came with matching mittens. epically cute;-)

    Lauren--well, it IS very cute;-) Graeme got the biggest size they had, which was 12-18mos. . .but you never know. It's from baby Gap, by the way;-)


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