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Last week, I decided to organize Graeme's toys into three large white, wire baskets.
( Another one of my most favorite finds at IKEA--they are a grand $2.50 each and are perfecto. )

I was starting to feel that Graeme was getting bored with his toys. This was sad to me because he had just received so many new toys for his birthday. I knew that the answer was not to go out and buy more toys! I knew that his toy supply was more than adequate and that we just needed to tweak things.

Pre-toy-organizing, most of Graeme's toys were all located in two of the wire baskets--but everything was jumbled together, with many of the smaller pieces to his toys divided between the two baskets. And, many pieces could not be found without dumping the entire basket.

With our new system, I feel that Graeme enjoys and appreciates his toys so much more. I rotate the baskets so that each day, Graeme is seeing a "new" basket of toys. Basically, he is seeing the same basket of toys every 4 days--it's like opening his birthday gifts all over again! ;-)

We do keep out his very favorites in addition to the baskets. The bus and bus driver, his walker, and his fisher price milk truck to name a few.

I love, too, that each basket has a different set of books, which has been seemingly very fun for Graeme. He loves to read. In addition to reading him the books that are in each daily basket, I keep all of our library books on a shelf that is "Graeme accessible" in our hallway.

I know my system isn't perfect, but it really has helped. I'd love to hear your tips on toys, too, if you have time to share!

happy weekending!
( EDIT: wow, this is bad! I'm only on day four of my personal "thankfulness challenge" and I've already forgotten to include it in this original post. Well, today, God has reminded me yet again of the beauty of the gospel and it's culture-transcending power. It is truly beautiful. )


  1. I love hearing about others organizational systems! Where do you keep the baskets that you are rotating?

  2. I love the rotating toy idea! It sounds so simple, but effective, which are the best solutions in my opinion. I've tried to do that with my kids a little bit, but the toys that get rotated out usually get outgrown before I remember to rotate them back in! But they were staying out of play for more than four days, obviously.

    Maybe Graeme is going to be one of those ultra-organized men that are few and far between?? I forget if you were at camp with these guys, but I'm thinking Mark Davis and Chris Rost. (Two totally different personalities, but both very organized men.)

  3. hi Stephanie!
    I keep the baskets either in Graeme's closet, or sometimes keep one of them on top of a little desk, right outside of Graeme's room. . .depending on if I get it back into his closet before he's sleeping;-)

    Marti--definitely remember Mark Davis--he was SO funny;-) and organized--more organized than I will ever be! The other name sounds familiar.....

    I'm not sure if this system would work well beyond two children. . .might get kind of crazy, huh?! ;-)

  4. Great idea, Sarah! I have been trying to figure out what to do with Jordan's toys. . we've been having the same sort of problem. I think I might just have to try this out.

  5. Cool idea! I hope it helps. When we were kids (older than G) my mom would put toys away in a box for a while, then after a couple of months (I really don't remember how long) we would get to look in the box again and get some new toys out. We would trade a few toys we were playing with for new ones from the box.


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