thursday trilogy

1) here is a little sneak peek of the newest additions to Cranny
and I have to say, I am in love with these.
I am dreaming of my entire mantle filled with them..........
I hope to have these sweeties in the shop by tomorrow and also will have another style of tree available.
2) oh wait--which item does not belong in this photograph? ;-)
It is that time of year again, friends...........
Starbucks has their holiday cups out!
a friend on facebook posted that she was disappointed in this year's design--
and I have to say, I am too.
But still, it's like drinking a cup of Christmas to me............
3) I so appreciate my husband......
I so love it when he brings me flowers..........

happy thursday!


  1. i love them!
    i havent seen the new cup in person yet....but i did use my red starbucks cup-mug from last year this morning :)

  2. They aren't my favorite cups. I liked when the sleeves were decorated. That was fun. I did like the sisters saying on my cup though. It made me think of my little sister!

    Sarah, just when I think you have come up with the cleverest idea, you do it again! These are just fantastic! I am also in love with them!


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