thursday trilogy

1+ I love this pillow idea. Pure genius!
2+ I love this etsy shop, Sugar Fresh. the owner is super kind and her items are purely beautiful. This 5x7 print happily resides in Graeme's room. We've decided to start him early on his original art collection. I hope he gains an appreciation for art.
3+ I love that quote and the illustration is perfection.

( go here, here, and here for these trilogy treats........ )
happy thursday to you!

today, I am thankful for caffeine. Please don't boo me!


  1. I've been thankful for caffeine over the last week too. (although I'm kind feeling full of coffee at this point) grading all these research papers has taken a lot out of me.

    The pillow is such a cool idea - I like it too.

  2. great triology, love mr. numbers! and while I have cut out caffeine, I am still very thankful for my decaf coffee. :)

  3. I love that number print! You are so welcome for the feature. Love those door sweaters
    Have a wonderful Monday


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